7 comments on “M13 globular cluster in Hercules

  1. Glad the autoguider worked out for you. I bought the Orion planetary imager and autoguider. I could get it to calibrate or guide. 😦 Question for you though. When you setup your autoguider to your guidescope. Do you have the guide scope pointed at the same object as your imaging scope?

    • Hi Andrew, I had similar problems with the Starlight Xpress Lodestar – gave up on it in the end.
      I aimed both the guide and imaging scope at the same distant chimney pot in daylight, so I knew they were looking in the same direction. The Orion’s sensitivity can be racked down for daylight use (5% sensitivity, 0.05 second loop in PHD).
      When imaging at night, the two fields were much the same (guide scope has wider field). I chose a guide star that was close to the centre of the imaging scope field.
      Apparently,if you don’t do that, you can get rotation around your guide star.

      I was surprised how painless auto guiding was but you have to calibrate for each new target.

      Hope all that is of help.


  2. Yes,that helps a lot JP 🙂
    It has been a while since I have tried to use it though. If memory serves, I kept getting a error message while calibrating. The error “star didn’t move enough” . Have you experienced this,and if so,how did you correct it?. At the moment I am getting 4-5 minutes unguided exposures. So my alignment is pretty good I feel.

    • That’s the problem I had with the Lodestar. With me, it didn’t move at all and I thought the ST4 cable was maybe damaged.

      Did your guide star move at all? If it moved even a little then you could alter some settings in PHD to adjust. I don’t know which ones but there are some good PHD guides on the net,

      If your guide star didn’t move at all, then you are into connections and compatibility.

      • Good morning JP, the guidestar movement is barely visible,which I thought was a good thing,as in my logic thinking that minimal movement ,meant a decent alignment. Lol
        I spent a long time trying to get it calibrated with out success. I believe one of (human issues) my problems was in the fact that I didn’t have the guidescope pointed at the same object as what I was seeing through the imaging scope.

      • I would like to get the scope tracking at 7-8 minutes unguided. I have tracking at 240 seconds with very minimal drift.

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