4 comments on “Eruptive Prom in Hydrogen Alpha

    • Thank you, one day I’d like to get the whole sequence- prom on Sun eruption, aurora on Earth. Might never do it given weather, direction of travel etc, but it would be an awesome sequence.

      • That would be a great sequence! You are right, it would be tough to get, but well worth trying. The Perseid Meteor shower is coming up. I’ve booked some days off work and plan on spending it in the mountains with my camera. Are you able to take in the Perseids?

  1. Same here. I’m planning to go back to Ballykelly which is just a few miles up the road but considerably darker than Limavady – probably not a patch on your mountains though. I want to bring a portable Equatorial mount with me – an Astrotrac. This should keep my camera locked on the radiant for about 2 hours. The idea is that I can then cut and paste any meteors from subsequent frames onto my first frame and it should look as though everything is coming out of the radiant point.

    Very ambitious plan – might not work but will try. Look forward to seeing your images. JP

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