Eyepiece and CCD data (calculated for Nexstar 8SE)

Nexstar 8SE
Focal length = 2032mm; f10

1 degree = 60 arcminutes = 3600 arcseconds. The full moon measures about 0.5 degrees so the full Moon is about 30 arcminutes or 1800 arcseconds in diameter. A Vixen LVW 22mm (42 arcminutes) would show the full moon in my scope plus a little extra.

This image is taken from DSS and shows the open cluster, NGC 1981 in Orion. The image is 42 arcmins across and is representative of what I would see using a VLW 22mm eyepiece.The upper part of NGC 1977 “The running man” nebula is visible in the lower part of the image.


Name Magnif Apparent FOV True FOV
Baader 31mm mod aspheric x66 72 degrees 66 arcmins
Vixen LVW 22mm x72 65 degrees 42 arcmins
Vixen LVW 13mm x153 65 degrees 25 arcmins
Vixen NLV 9mm x226 50 degrees 13 arcmins
Vixen NLV 5mm x406 50 degrees 7 arcmins
Atik Titan (at  f10)     8.6 x 6.3 arcmins
Atik Titan with f6.3 reducer     13.2 x 9.9 arcmins



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