Cloud cover

The Earl of Rosse built the 19th Century’s largest telescope “The Leviathan” in the middle of Ireland, which does not have a great reputation for clear, cloudless skies. Apart from “fogs from the bogs”, there were said to be two types of weather, namely “just before rain” or “in rain”.

Simon Singh, Big Bang

20th May 2015. Altocumulus masquerading as NLCs.

Not Quite Clouds

Got quite excited tonight – I looked out at 2300 hrs due North to see if there were any noctilucent clouds (NLCs) about – these form very high up in the atmosphere and can be seen towards the North a few hours after the sun sets. Its thought that meteor dust in the upper layers of the atmosphere gets coated with ice and shines brightly reflecting the Sun when it is below the horizon.

These are just mackerel clouds – altocumulus lit up by the Sun above some rain clouds but the basic idea and colours are right. Hopefully more luck later on in the Summer.

Theres a super webpage about NLCs at

5th December 2013. Twilight Moon.

Time to go home!
17th July 2013: Noctilucent clouds, Limavady

6th July 2013: Time lapse photography, Limavady

3rd July 2013: Time lapse photography, Limavady

25th October 2012, Limavady

Morning Sky
29th July 2006, Sorrento, Italy



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