Favourite Astronomy Resources


  • The Complete Guide to the Herschel Objects. Sir William Herschel’s Star Clusters, Nebulae and Galaxies. Mark Bratton. Cambridge University Press.
  • Planetary Nebulae and How to Observe Them. Martin Griffiths. Springer.
  • Collins Night Sky and Starfinder. Storm Dunlop & Wil Tirion. HarperCollins.
  • The Caldwell Objects and How to Observe Them, Martin Mobberley. Springer.
  • Turn Left at Orion. Hundreds of Night Sky Objects to see in a Home Telescope – and How to Find Them. Guy Consolmagno and Dan M. Davis. Cambridge University Press.


  • Deep Sky Imaging Primer. Charles Bracken. Amazon UK.
  • A Guide to Astrophotography with Digital SLR Cameras. Jerry Lodriguss. DVD.
  • PixInsight (PC)
  • Backyard EOS (PC)

Astronomy Texts

  • Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology. Ian Morison. John Wiley and Sons.
  • Universe (9th edition).
  • Gravity’s Engines: The other side of Black Holes. Caleb Scharf. Penguin.
  • Big Bang. Simon Singh. Harper Collins.
  • Life Beyond Earth: The Search for Habitable Worlds in the Universe. Athena Coustenis and Therese Encrenaz. Cambridge University Press.
  • Unseen Cosmos. The ¬†universe in radio. Francis Graham-Smith. Oxford University Press.

Astronomy Magazines

  • Astronomy Now (UK)
  • Sky at Night (UK)
  • Sky and Telescope (US)

Apps and Programs

  • Sky Safari 4 Pro (iPAD)
  • Redshift (iPAD)
  • DS Browser (iPAD)
  • Starry Night Pro 6 (PC)
  • Stellarium (PC)
  • Scope Nights (iPAD)

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