Moore winter marathon (26-50)

In October 2012, veteran British astronomer and presenter of BBC astronomy programme The Sky at Night, Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore presented a list of 50 objects (25 naked-eye or binoculars and 25 telescope) that astronomers of all ages and capabilities could aim to view (

Details of the 25 telescope objects are here (PDF file):

I found out about this in March 2013 so it might take me a while to work through these but here is my progress:

Some of the 25 are Messier objects (grey) and some are Caldwell objects (gold)

14/25 viewed.

No Name Date seen and notes
26 Crab nebula    Supernova remnant/Taurus See my Messier list
27 M77 Spiral galaxy in Cetus
28 Jupiter’s Great Red Spot  15/01/2014
29 Little Dumbbell planetary nebula in Perseus M76  29/07/2013
30 Eskimo nebula in Gemini See my Caldwell list
31 Flaming star emission/reflection nebula  Caldwell 31  28/09/2013
32 Fish’s mouth part of Orion Nebula 2013/03/10 Nexstar 8SE/OIII
33 Trapezium cluster in Orion nebula 2013/01/30 blog post
34 Hind’s crimson star (R Leporis) 2013/12/20
35 Owl cluster in Cassiopeia     Caldwell 13 30/05/2013
36 Open cluster in Monoceros    Caldwell 50 See my Caldwell list
37 Gamma Arietis     Binary star in Aries
38 M78 Diffuse nebula in Orion See my Messier list
39 Hubble’s variable Nebula in Monoceros  Caldwell 46
40 M74 Galaxy in Pisces
41 Nebula in Triangulum galaxy
42 Beta Monocerotis – triple star
43 NGC 1647 Open cluster in Taurus  08/11/2013
44 M79 Globular cluster in Lepus
45 NGC 1535 Planetary nebula in Eridanus
46 NGC 1514 Planetary nebula in Taurus
47 NGC 2232 Open cluster in Monoceros
48 Planetary nebula in Cetus   Caldwell 56
49 NGC 404 Mirach’s Ghost Galaxy in Andromeda  05/06/2013
50 M52 Open cluster in Cassiopeia See my Messier list

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