Moore winter marathon (1-25)

In October 2012, veteran British astronomer and presenter of BBC astronomy programme  The Sky at Night, Sir Patrick  Caldwell-Moore presented a list of 50 objects (25 naked-eye or binoculars and 25 telescope) that astronomers of all ages and capabilities could aim to view.(

Details of the 25 visual objects are here (PDF file):

I found out about this in March 2013 so it might take me a while to work through these but here is my progress:

Many of the 25 are Messier objects (grey) and 2 are Caldwell objects (gold)

22/25 viewed.

Number Name Date seen and notes
1 Pleiades    Open Cluster/Taurus M45 See my Messier list
2 Hyades    Open cluster/Taurus Caldwell 41 See my Caldwell list
3 Triangulum Galaxy/Triangulum  M33  08/08/2013 Nexstar 8SE
4 M35 Open cluster in Gemini See my Messier list
5 Beehive cluster Open cluster/Cancer M44 See my Messier list
6 M67 Open cluster in Cancer See my Messier list
7 Jupiter 2013/01/08 blog post
8 M36 Open cluster in Auriga See my Messier list
9 M37 Open cluster in Auriga See my Messier list
10 M38 Open cluster in Auriga See my Messier list
11 M41 Open cluster in Canis major See my Messier list
12 M50 Open cluster in Monoceros See my Messier list
13 The Celestial “G” Asterism 2013/01/08
14 M34 Open cluster in Perseus  05/06/2013
15 Alpha Persei moving cluster in Perseus  29/08/2013
16 Theta Tauri Optical double star in Taurus  2013/03/05 blog post
17 Kembles Cascade Asterism in Camelopardalis  08/08/2013 9×50 Finder
18 Double cluster in Perseus See my Caldwell list
19 Fornax Constellation  
20 The Pi’s of Orion (The 6 stars of Orions bow) 2013/01/08
21 M48 Open cluster in Hydra See my Messier list
22 Orion’s Sword 2013/02/25 blog post
23 Lambda Tauri variable star (SAO 93719)  
24 M93 Open cluster in Puppis  
25 Orion’s Belt 2013/02/25 blog post

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